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Flocket Launches!

October 24, 2005

Today marks the launch of the flocket.  For full coverage check out Charming Bastard’s Weblog.
Flickr PhotoFlickr Photo

In the meantime, a bug has been fixing me this weekend – I still have a nasty cold!  Amidst a pile of tissues, I’ve been thinking through issues with tags and categories: the same, different?  Well, at the very least partially overlapping in function.  Anyways, I decided to get decidedly un-theoretical about the whole thing, and I threw in support for movabletype categories, right along side of tags – we’ll see if it makes the cut.  Theraflu buzzes are kinda nice.


Fixing code while coughing and sneezing

October 22, 2005
OK – So I think that I fixed using bullets and enumerations in the blog editor:

  1. fredoland
  2. Ian’s Blog
  3. tonyland
  4. Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger
  5. Ubuntu Blog
  6. Lorelle on WordPress
  7. Linux and Open Source World
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
  9. derkilicious
  10. Craig on WordPress

That is me as #3, Ian on #2, G on #1.  OK, on to the next bug.

To Come – Flock Road Map

October 21, 2005

Suddenly our website is live, and behold – it is linking to one ofmy 3 WordPress accounts courtesy of Matt. Hello World.

A quick Introduction – my name is Anthony Young, and I amFlock’s lead developer and product manager.  I wanted to write a post togivesome visibility into what exactly we are doing in the trenches here atthe Flock Garage.

Today, we have released a pre-preview version of our Web Browser -yes, it is rough around the edges (thanks to all of you brave folks whohave tried it out!), but our ears have been open to our brave users.

For the next week, we will be working hard to address the mostpressing issues with our early release.? So, sometime next week expecta sparkly new .5 Preview Release – which will include many bug fixes,as well as a few more important features:

  1. Syncing your collections to – so that you can accessthem from anywhere
  2. Support for LiveJournal and whatever other services we can testbetween now and next week
  3. Importing of bookmarks from Firefox

Beyond this next release, we have a lot of cool plans in store -I’ll update with an outline of this Road Map in the near future:)