To Come – Flock Road Map


Suddenly our website is live, and behold – it is linking to one ofmy 3 WordPress accounts courtesy of Matt. Hello World.

A quick Introduction – my name is Anthony Young, and I amFlock’s lead developer and product manager.  I wanted to write a post togivesome visibility into what exactly we are doing in the trenches here atthe Flock Garage.

Today, we have released a pre-preview version of our Web Browser -yes, it is rough around the edges (thanks to all of you brave folks whohave tried it out!), but our ears have been open to our brave users.

For the next week, we will be working hard to address the mostpressing issues with our early release.? So, sometime next week expecta sparkly new .5 Preview Release – which will include many bug fixes,as well as a few more important features:

  1. Syncing your collections to – so that you can accessthem from anywhere
  2. Support for LiveJournal and whatever other services we can testbetween now and next week
  3. Importing of bookmarks from Firefox

Beyond this next release, we have a lot of cool plans in store -I’ll update with an outline of this Road Map in the near future:)


63 Responses to “To Come – Flock Road Map”

  1. Flock roadmap Says:

    […] E’ stata pubblicata una mini roadmap per la versione 0.5 di Flock, tra le novità la sincronizzazione dei bookmark di Firefox ed il supporto per Livejournal. […]

  2. giri Says:

    Hi. When i publish a blog the whole formatting is lost. Italicized word dont appear italicized. I think this a problem. I tried it a couple of times. But didn’t work. Neway congratulations on your realese today.

  3. Giri’s musings » Kudos to Flock! Says:

    […] One thing which is clearly missing is importing bookmarks from firefox. I am a firefox user and I could not figure out any other way to  import  my  firefox  bookmarks.  Again this is featured  in the todo  list of a developer’s blog. So  no worries there. I can expect this feature ready by maybe next week. […]

  4. Says:

    Flock Browser 5 Minute Review

    I’m just playing with the Flock developer preview, and have exactly 5 minutes to look at it and knock out some thoughts.

    It’s firefox with extras.
    Bookmarks are gone; hello integration with online bookmarks. This is a good thing. It …

  5. Jasmine Ma Says:

    I should have figured you were behind this! I’m loving what I see so far, and can’t wait to see how it goes!

  6. Brian Ferrell Says:

    So far so good! I’m liking this browser, keep up the good work! 🙂

  7. Jerry Says:

    Flock is looking good. No glaring issues. On my PowerMac G5/Tiger, Flock imported all my bookmarks from Firefox. Have set up most of the bells and whistles. Am very pleased. I did notice some disappearing text as I worked on a wordpress post within Flock. When I saved the post, the slug was there but the text had gone. Tried the same in Firefox and it worked fine. Hopes this helps. Keep up the good work
    Jerry D

  8. lleger Says:

    Awesome browser. I can’t wait until full fledged functionality. Keep up the great work…

  9. Noam Samuel Says:

    Any chance for Textpattern ( ) support?

    Besides that, I must say flock has some really neat features.

  10. kuzkos Says:

    Flock is awesome, and so far no bugs besides the minor ones.

    I would like a way view bookmarks (or collections/tags) without opening another tab. A Topbar would be good for this, but the inclusion of a standard menu would be useful.

    Great work, can’t wait for the final release 🙂

  11. macewan Says:

    Wonderful job so far, thumbs up from a *nix user.

  12. untitled Says:

    TOTALLY dig the blog and integration. Love the interface too(of the app and associated website).

    Flock rocks.

  13. monkey Says:

    Looking good! I like Flock so far…

    It seems to be missing the sidebar. I like the topbar but the sidebar was nice too! Think about bringing that back in a future release! Besides the sidebar and the lack of firefox style bookmarks, I say good job!

  14. linux Says:

  15. Anthony Says:

    Thanks so much for all the feedback – after all the stuff that rolled into this release, I find myself at home sick on a Friday night! But not too bad, will hack a bit to see if I can try to resolve some of the blog issues mentioned above. (Cough!)

  16. madgravity Says:

    For a beta you folks have done a mighty good job! I Like the WordPress too! Still looking around, playing with this and that (like the shelf) and getting comfortable with it. Thank you! //bob

  17. Hoffbauer » Flock Road Map Says:

    […] tonyland » Blog Archive » To Come – Flock Road Map […]

  18. Shakir Says:

    r u guys planning to go public?

  19. Jed Says:

    Looks good so far!

    Are you guys planning on including support for ExpressionEngine?

  20. brice Says:

    Preferences window on MacOS X have random vertical sizes.

  21. Anthony Says:

    It wasn’t on our initial list – but let me check it out and get back to you…

  22. baseface Says:

    your project looks more than promising – I just hope you folks keep up the pace !

  23. mattfury Says:

    nice work guys… lovin’ that style 😀

  24. Anthony Says:

    brice – weird! I think that’s come up before, some nugget of xul tripping out the layout. Should be fix by our next release this week.

  25. ketsugi Says:

    Would greatly desire Nucleus support. ( Nucleus supports Blogger, MovableType and MetaWebLog APIs, but for some reason publishing to my Nucleus blog using any of these APIs simply doesn’t work.

  26. Brian Says:

    Sounds great!

    Flock truly has tons of potential. I look forward to testing future releases.


  27. elvispt Says:

    Been loving Flock so far. I’m not using it as my main browser, but I can’t wait until you launch a 1.0 version! 😀
    Keep Flocking.

  28. Martini Says:

    I will check your stuff out today, if you are faster than firefox or the standard mozilla suite, you will be added to my package list.

    Keep it fast .. And if you have to add more features … still keep it fast … i “have had it to the neck” what firefox did to original phoenix code … phoenix was fast as lightning, and now firefox crawls around like an old lady …

  29. Martini Says:

    almost forget smth. plz dont hardlink to gnome or kde, there libraries are a huge minus for your browser if they users are using gentoo and other source based distros.

  30. yezi Says:

    Flock is fantastic, it is so welcome by all the bloggers. I can see the word ‘Flock’ anywhere now.

  31. Abhas Abhinav Says:

    Just downloaded flock and was pleasantly surprised to find the clean interface and cool looks and functionality.

    I wanted to explore if it is possible to write a smalls script to import firefox bookmarks – something that more advanced users or developers could run to do the migration. That will make it easier for existing firefox users to adopt flock and give it a try.

    I would willing to help out on this!

  32. Alex Says:

    Going to try this out. Why can’t all this be done with Firefox extensions?

  33. stargazer Says:

    I really like Flock but there are also some things I don’t like which I think should be fixed/added in one of the next builds. I took the chance that Flock gave me, registered for a wordpress blog and posted my thoughts. Check them out please, and let me know what you think:

  34. /pd Says:

    I did some stuff with Firefox-Candidate1. I found the stickiness great. Is there any plans for a FlockMobile Candidate ??.

    I have NOT yet to download current beta.

  35. tonyland Says:


    Stargazer – thanks for your thoughtful comments. On your first point, it actually is possible to have your favorites exist only locally. But point taken, there are still some confusing aspects about the local/web favorites paradigm.

    On categories – many have complained that it is highly inconvenient that this feature is not present – look for a first cut of category support later this week.

    I’ll add point 3 into our bug tracking system. Thanks again!

  36. Javier Says:

    I installed Flock on my PowerBook G4 running Tiger, looks great but it crashes all the time and is unusable, I am hoping it will start getting better too as it gets closer to version 1.0.

  37. De Burn Says:

    I have a slogan to propose to you:

    Who gives a flock!

  38. Greg F. Says:

    Hi, I have been using your browser now for about 3 days. So far so good. No crashes on my pc. I am using WinXP Home, SP2 all updates. Athalon 2600 plus DDR 3300 etc, etc, etc. Using the No Script, and Ad Block plug ins and they work good. Would like to see you incorporate the “Dr. Web Link Checker” plugin that I use with I.E, Firefox, and Mozilla. Would be a nice addtion to what I believe is a great browser that you have in the works. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep using “Flock”. Cheers.

  39. recommend Says:

    Seems pretty good. 0.4.8 has been very stable on my well specced XPsp2 laptop.
    The bloody user managed to delete a load of blog entries without really trying though – maybe there should be a 2 stage system incorporating a checkbox and a delete checked items button.
    Well done guys!

  40. David House Says:

    Dude. Fix your spacebar.

  41. Asher Maximum Says:

    You should consider making a portable version (one that runs off of a thumb drive), when flock is complete.

  42. Shahrooz Bhopti Says:

    Beautiful Work! TRUE Driven Compassion!

    Social Web 2.0 …

    WE give a flock 😉

  43. zhaol Says:

    Flock seems to be very similar to Firefox, enhanced with some plugins, such as the “blog it”…

  44. brkwtzandrew Says:

    it would be great if you could make the rss feeds so the links go where they are supposed to go, not back to the main page.

  45. ceelgaab Says:

    hello world flock very nice good easy to use very goodwell done.

  46. DoomHammer Says:


    Have you thought about incorporating Avahi (an FLOSS ZeroConf implementation) into Flock? It could make it “more” “social” this way, providing functionality of Safari (as I heard – never seen Safari live 😉 ).

    Having access to “living” sites directly from browser seems very cool!

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  63. Flock Developer Preview - Simone Carletti’s Blog Says:

    […] scoprire i prossimi passi potete curiosare all’interno della roadmap. Da quanto riportato nella sezione Extend sembra che Flock incorporerà di default […]

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