Flock Roadmap


After a couple weeks of bugfixing, and evaluating where we are at dev-wise, we threw together a Wiki page that lists out an approximate Flock Roadmap.

We are trying really hard to make some architectural improvements in the short term.  For example, we are refactoring our RSS service to improve performace – this should dramatically enhance your feed viewing pleasure. 

Beyond that, we are busy improving memory and browsing performance, while also adding extensibility to bookmarks, so that the community can add support for other services in addition to those that ship with Flock.

Lastly, one of our main pet peeves with the Flickr functionality, is that you can’t upload pictures through the photo topbar – very frustrating!  So we are re-designing Flickr Topbar to include upload functionality.  It’s thus far looking nice and friendly to use – batch uploads, drag-and-drop reordering.  Titling and Tagging should also make it in there.  Look for that in hourlies towards the end of next week. Oh – and extensibility is on deck for our photo topbar as well.

If you havn’t yet, we recommend checking out our latest build – many improvements to blog editing, and many bugfixes!


14 Responses to “Flock Roadmap”

  1. compfan4 Says:

    Are you allowed to use Flickr’s upload APIs? They’re for non-commercial use only, and Flock strikes me as a commercial venture.

  2. Chris Messina Says:

    @compfan4: we’re working with directly with Flickr on this project, so I believe arrangements have been made to address that issue. Thanks for pointing it out though!

  3. Fyre Says:

    As to uploading to Flickr:
    Currently, there’s a slightly annoying work-around involving mozImage and the flickr uploader… Details in my blog post here: http://fyreplace.com/2005/11/06/uploading-to-flickr-from-flock-or-firefox/

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