More of Beautiful China + Photo Extensibility


Flickr PhotoFlickr Photo

China is a wonderful place – the food alone makes it fantastic, but the great people push it way over the top.

But, unfortunately for me, I don’t really do vacation – However, I’m making great progress with photo extensibility – shortly I’ll blog a simple techinique to extend Flock to support the photo service of your choice. 


3 Responses to “More of Beautiful China + Photo Extensibility”

  1. Jack Says:

    hellooo, Young
    Welcome to China : )
    where have you been in China , Beijing ,or Shanghai?

    I am in Xiamen,China.., I am a student.
    I knew your partner Llyod and talked with him,
    he is a funny man ,and you are a coool man, I saw a photo about that you stood on the desk were playing a dummy guitar in your office from his Flickr ..
    you are crazy and I like the style of life and Work!
    nice to meet you : D

  2. colemann Says:

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