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tinyMCE now in Flock hourlies

January 10, 2006

After a long radio silence, just wanted to say: I’ve yanked the mozilla editor out of Flock, and replaced the blog text editor with tinyMCE.  I’m still working through some initial bugs, but so far the effort looks promising.

Although I hate to turn my back to the mozeditor, tinyMCE simply has a much more active community, and the code that it produces seems more compatible with blogging sites.

so – this is a test of the tinyMCE editor in Flock – 1…2…3. 



More of Beautiful China + Photo Extensibility

November 18, 2005

Flickr PhotoFlickr Photo

China is a wonderful place – the food alone makes it fantastic, but the great people push it way over the top.

But, unfortunately for me, I don’t really do vacation – However, I’m making great progress with photo extensibility – shortly I’ll blog a simple techinique to extend Flock to support the photo service of your choice.